"For 200 years we've been conquering Nature.  Now we're beating it to death.  "


Our basic purpose is to spread general awareness for the usage of biodegradable products. Thus, the bio-products can be brought to a common man. We create environmental benefits of industry to regional, local and global level and leave lesser effect of carbon footprints of human beings on planet. Our key focus is to diminish the effect of global warming on environment, water scarcity and climate change day by day in the world.


Greendiamz Biotech encourages organizations which involved in entrepreneurship programs in biotechnology, to go green, create the infrastructure for bio-technology industries in state. We create innovative products, techniques and solutions in biotechnology industry. We also promote private investments in bio-technology companies from outside.


Thus, our ultimate purpose is to save environment and to save people's health from getting affected and to provide appropriate environment to achieve these objectives.


Vision & Mission

Our Mission is to produce more and with greater sustainability, while giving shapes to our innovative ideas and thus to present eco friendly products to the society.


Our Vision is the expression of commitment, for greener – better tomorrow, towards whole biotech industry and thru that to the mankind.



Base of Greendiamz Bio-tech Ltd. is 'Go Green' and so as its principles. We believe in environmental and social responsibility, and thus our commitment is to help our employees and community grow and prosper by providing safe, chemical free products with high quality.


We focus on organic, green and natural products that support healthy environment and make the products that causes less environmental impact on production, transport, and disposal. Greendiamz Bio-tech Ltd. provides high-quality products at lowest possible cost that is easy to purchase and use.


Promoting environmental awareness is a root step of our business relations. We look forward with business ethics for all the products we deliver. Greendiamz Biotech aims to deliver environment-friendly products by means of continuously improving our own performance and ensures environment friendly production methods through out whole supply chain.


All in all, Greendiamz Biotech is "Earth wise. Money smart"